Help your child learn his/her first few words with the help of phonics e.g rhyming words ending with ab, ad, ag, am, an, ap, at, id, ig, in, ip, it etc. Words are presented with relevant pictures for quick learning.

CVC words are the words that are made up of a consonant, vowel and consonant sound e.g., h-a-t, p-i-n. These are the first words a child learns to read and write. They are the easiest to learn as they only use the letter sounds/phonics already learnt. Practice reading and writing these cvc words with your child to help him become a quick reader.

Tips for Parents/Teachers:

  • Introduce your child to the sounds/phonics of each letter beforehand to help speak the word.
  • It's important to introduce these cvc words, even before common sight words (e.g., the/a/this/where/what etc.). Gradually, you can start reading small sentences (and small stories) for your child which make use of these cvc words and introduce the sight words as they come. e.g., Pam is a cat. Pam is a fat cat. Pam, the fat cat, has a rat. The rat's name is Sam. Sam has a bat. Pam and Sam plays with the bat.

  • ab Wordsab Words
  • ad Wordsad Words
  • ag Wordsag Words
  • am Wordsam Words
  • an Wordsan Words
  • ap Wordsap Words
  • at Wordsat Words
  • id Wordsid Words
  • ig Wordsig Words
  • in Wordsin Words
  • ip Wordsip Words
  • it Wordsit Words