Pattern Identification - What Comes Next?

These activity sheets test and enhance your child's aptitude and ability to identify what comes next based on a pattern.

Counting the Shapes

Learning to count with shapes is a fun way to understand shapes as well as learn counting. Check these worksheets to get your child in action.

Identify the Shapes

These coloring sheets have a lot of different shapes to build the objects/scene so that your child can use his/her mind to identify those shapes.

Trace and Color Shapes

Check these worksheets to trace and color the shapes. Start with basic shapes for the beginners and see when your child can move on to the more advanced shapes.

Line and Curve Tracing

Learning to trace/draw lines (standing, sleeping and slanting) and curves is the first step towards writing. Give your child enough exposure to line and curve tracing before you introduce them to writing letters/numbers.