Developing reasoning skills is crucial to a child’s early learning. Logic and reasoning are the ability to think through problems and apply strategies to solve them. The better children learn to reason, the better they will be able to apply critical thinking when necessary. Along with other important skills like motor skills, reasoning should also be encouraged from an early age. We offer a variety of worksheets to challenge your child's brain and develop logical thinking skills.
Free Printable Picture Analogy Worksheets For Kindergarten

One of the most important parts of logical reasoning is the non-verbal analogy or picture analogy. In the picture analogy, you compare two similar figures and find the relationship between them. Analogical reasoning is fundamental to human thoughts. It plays a significant role in problem solving, as well as decision making, explanation, conceptualization and communication. Reasoning requires logical and intellectual skills as well as practice. Check our free printable picture analogy worksheets which are specifically designed to help develop and enhance logical reasoning in your child at kindergarten level.

These Pattern Recognition Worksheets help develop higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) in children. Various types of repeating and growing/decreasing patterns has been used to stimulate logical thinking for preschool as well as kindergarten.

These picture matching worksheets are apt for developing and improving visual discrimination skills in your child. There are plenty of them with varied level of challenge to improve logical reasoning as well.

Help your child learn the concept of big and small with these printable size comparison worksheets. Put their comparison skills to work by challenging them to figure out the smallest/biggest in a group of objects.

Things That Go Together Worksheet

Check out these Things That Go Together Worksheets to enhance your child's logical reasoning skills. Children are presented a number of objects. They have to figure out the objects which are related to each other and match the things that go together.

Odd One Out

Check out these "Odd One Out" worksheets which are specifically designed so that children learn logical reasoning and the concept of categorization. Children are presented a number of objects out of which they have to identify the odd one.