Learning is more fun when it is augmented with interesting activities. Here, we have consolidated 4 Playing Cards activities for preschooler children to learn counting and number recognition. These activities can be conducted for a single child at home as well as in a school setup.

For these activities you will need - playing cards, manipulatives/counters, some goodies for shopping activity. We only need number cards for these activities so remove picture cards before starting these activities.

Activity 1: Shopping Activity

This activity focuses on counting and number recognition. We use playing cards as our money and our preschooler will become shopkeeper. Setup a shop with some interesting items. So, you can come with your card money and ask shopkeeper to give any many items of a particular type as the number on the card.

Shopping Activity - Counting And Number Recognition For Preschoolers Using Playing Cards

Activity 2: Count and Match Activity

For this activity, we place some pebbles/counters in the groups like groups of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 pebbles and handover cards to the little learner. He/she will draw one card and match it with the group having same number of pebbles.

Count And Match Activity For Preschoolers Using Playing Cards

Activity 3: Number Matching

A simple activity for number identification where we use two sets of same numbers. One set is handed over to the child and other one is laid randomly on the table facing up. Child picks one card from his/her deck and finds the matching card on the table.

Number Matching Activity For Preschoolers Using Playing Cards

Activity 4: Number Order Activity

The goal is to arrange the cards in the natural number order. For advanced learners we can ask them to arrange the cards in reverse order.

Number Order Activity For Preschoolers Using Playing Cards

Try these activities with your little one and I am sure these will keep him/her occupied for hours.