Are you looking for ten frame printable math counting activity pages for your child? Check out these thoughtfully designed ten-frame and tracing printable flashcards to teach numbers and counting (1-10) to your child!!!

What is a Ten Frame?

A ten-frame is a 2 by 5 rectangular frame used as a mathematical tool for teaching counting, addition, subtraction, number sense etc. We can place counters/objects in cells of ten-frame to represent any number. They also help understand the decimal place value system in higher grades (e.g., 14 can be represented as 10 + 4).

How to Use Ten Frame Printable Flash Cards?

Take a print out (preferably on card stock) and cut along the dotted lines. You can then laminate the individual ten frame flashcard and they will even last longer. Use laminated ten-frame activity flashcards with dry erase markers and stickers for learning numbers and counting.

Ten Frame Printable - Apple Theme Counting

This set of flashcards is good for number recognition as well as counting using ten-frame. The goal is to recognize the number and then count the apples in the ten-frame.

  • Ten_Frame_Printables_Numbers_Flash_Cards_Apple_Theme_1
  • Ten_Frame_Printables_Numbers_Flash_Cards_Apple_Theme_2
  • Ten_Frame_Printables_Numbers_Flash_Cards_Apple_Theme_3


Ten Frame Printable Math Activity With Hints

This set of ten-frame printable flashcards is suitable for preschoolers to practice number formation as well as counting. Children can color/trace the number. They can paste stickers, thumb-print, stamp, draw circles or put small pebbles/pom-poms in the ten-frame to learn counting. We have provided hints for counting.
Tip: Make your own wipe-clean flashcards - laminate the flashcards and use dry erase markers.

  • Ten_Frame_Printables_Numbers_Flash_Cards_With_Hints_1
  • Ten_Frame_Printables_Numbers_Flash_Cards_With_Hints_2
  • Ten_Frame_Printables_Numbers_Flash_Cards_With_Hints_3


Ten Frame Printable Math Activity Without Hints

Use below ten-frame printable flashcards for advanced preschoolers or kindergarteners to practice number formation and counting. There are no hints for counting to challenge the child. Trace/thumb-print the number and count using objects in ten-frame (alternatively use stamping, dot marking or thumb-printing).
Tip: Make your own wipe-clean flashcards - laminate the flashcards and use dry erase markers.

  • Ten_Frame_Printables_Numbers_Flash_Cards_Without_Hints_1
  • Ten_Frame_Printables_Numbers_Flash_Cards_Without_Hints_2
  • Ten_Frame_Printables_Numbers_Flash_Cards_Without_Hints_3