The big bold numbers are traced several times using crayons or color pencils to understand the number formation.

What is Rainbow Writing (or Rainbow Tracing)? 
In Rainbow Writing a child writes each number first with a pencil and then traces it multiple times with different color pencils. It helps children work on their fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and beginning writing skills.

Tips for Parents/Teachers:

  1. Ask your child to trace the number several times with different color pencils to learn number formation.
  2. Supplement with the sand tracing activity. Fill a tray with activity sand and guide your child to trace different numbers on the sand.
  • Rainbow_Number_Tracing_01
  • Rainbow_Number_Tracing_02
  • Rainbow_Number_Tracing_03
  • Rainbow_Number_Tracing_04
  • Rainbow_Number_Tracing_05
  • Rainbow_Number_Tracing_06
  • Rainbow_Number_Tracing_07
  • Rainbow_Number_Tracing_08
  • Rainbow_Number_Tracing_09
  • Rainbow_Number_Tracing_10