Ten frames is a great mathematical tool for teaching counting, addition, subtraction, number sense to children. Here we are offering you some blank ten frame and double ten frame templates. These ten frame templates can be used in your own way. You can color, place counters/manipulatives or paste stickers in cells of ten-frames to represent any number. They also help understand the decimal place value system in higher grades (e.g., 14 can be represented as 10 + 4).

NOTE: You can then laminate the ten frame template and they will even last longer.

  • blank_double_ten_frames_templateDouble Ten Frames Template
  • ten_frame_template_blankTen Frame Template


  • double_ten_frames_templateDouble Ten Frame Template
  • ten_frame_template_blankTen Frame Template
  • ten_frames_template_blankTen Frames Template