If you are looking for math activities for preschoolers/kindergartener, you are at the right place. We have a collection of free printables for engaging and fun math activities. Your child is going to love learning numbers with these interesting activities.

Road Numbers - Car Racing Math Activity

These printables are great to learn number-formation and simple fun.

You will need:
  1. small toy cars (like hot-wheels)
  2. a printout of below printables (preferrably laminated for reuse)
  • Starting point: A "START" sign and car symbol indicates where you have to start. The arrow points to the direction of movement. Move along the dotted line.
  • Finishing point: A "STOP" sign indicates where you have to stop.
  • Transition: When you encounter a dead end with no "STOP" sign (e.g., number 4, 5), locate another track with yellow direction arrow and dots. Take that path and keep going.
How To Play:
Keep your car on the starting point and keep moving in the direction of arrow until you reach the finishing point. If you arrive at a dead end, just look for another starting point (yellow arrow) and keep going.

  • Math_Activity_Road_Numbers_Car_Racing_00Number 0
  • Math_Activity_Road_Numbers_Car_Racing_01Number 1
  • Math_Activity_Road_Numbers_Car_Racing_02Number 2
  • Math_Activity_Road_Numbers_Car_Racing_03Number 3
  • Math_Activity_Road_Numbers_Car_Racing_04Number 4
  • Math_Activity_Road_Numbers_Car_Racing_05Number 5
  • Math_Activity_Road_Numbers_Car_Racing_06Number 6
  • Math_Activity_Road_Numbers_Car_Racing_07Number 7
  • Math_Activity_Road_Numbers_Car_Racing_08Number 8
  • Math_Activity_Road_Numbers_Car_Racing_09Number 9


Number Hunt - Thumb Printing - Math Activity

This activity helps in number recognition and cognitive skills. Combined with thumb printing, it makes it an interesting activity as most children love to touch the paints bare hands.

You will need:
  1. water colors or ink pad
  2. a printout of below printables
  3. optional: stamps, dot markers, pom-poms or cotton balls
Instructions: The goal is to find all the occurrences of the mentioned number in the worksheet. Now dip thumb in water color (or press on ink pad) and imprint on the numbers found. You may also use different stamps or dot markers instead of thumb printing OR just dip that pom-pom/cotton ball in the paint and get started.

  • Math_Activity_Number_Hunt_Thumb_Printing_00Number 0
  • Math_Activity_Number_Hunt_Thumb_Printing_01Number 1
  • Math_Activity_Number_Hunt_Thumb_Printing_02Number 2
  • Math_Activity_Number_Hunt_Thumb_Printing_03Number 3
  • Math_Activity_Number_Hunt_Thumb_Printing_04Number 4
  • Math_Activity_Number_Hunt_Thumb_Printing_05Number 5
  • Math_Activity_Number_Hunt_Thumb_Printing_06Number 6
  • Math_Activity_Number_Hunt_Thumb_Printing_07Number 7
  • Math_Activity_Number_Hunt_Thumb_Printing_08Number 8
  • Math_Activity_Number_Hunt_Thumb_Printing_09Number 9
  • Math_Activity_Number_Hunt_Thumb_Printing_10Number 10


Pom-pom Number Tracing - Math Activity

This activity helps in number identification, number formation and fine-motor skills.

You will need:
  1. colorful pom-poms (small sized) or flat-bottom pebbles
  2. a printout of below printables (preferrably laminated for reuse)
  3. optional: small tongs
Put pom-poms or pebbles on the circles in the worksheet to form the number. You can use some specific color pom-poms to combine color identification in the activity. Ask child to use tongs to pick and place the pom-poms to improve fine-motor skills.

  • Math_Activity_Pom_Pom_Tracing_00Number 0
  • Math_Activity_Pom_Pom_Tracing_01Number 1
  • Math_Activity_Pom_Pom_Tracing_02Number 2
  • Math_Activity_Pom_Pom_Tracing_03Number 3
  • Math_Activity_Pom_Pom_Tracing_04Number 4
  • Math_Activity_Pom_Pom_Tracing_05Number 5
  • Math_Activity_Pom_Pom_Tracing_06Number 6
  • Math_Activity_Pom_Pom_Tracing_07Number 7
  • Math_Activity_Pom_Pom_Tracing_08Number 8
  • Math_Activity_Pom_Pom_Tracing_09Number 9
  • Math_Activity_Pom_Pom_Tracing_10Number 10


Mystery Numbers - Math Activity

This activity improves fine-motor skills and number recognition.

You will need:
  1. crayons
  2. a printout of below printables
Get the little spy work on finding the mystery number hidden in the grid. Shade all the boxes containing the mentioned number and discover the mystery number.

  • Math_Activity_Mystery_Numbers_00Mystery Number 0
  • Math_Activity_Mystery_Numbers_01Mystery Number 1
  • Math_Activity_Mystery_Numbers_02Mystery Number 2
  • Math_Activity_Mystery_Numbers_03Mystery Number 3
  • Math_Activity_Mystery_Numbers_04Mystery Number 4
  • Math_Activity_Mystery_Numbers_05Mystery Number 5
  • Math_Activity_Mystery_Numbers_06Mystery Number 6
  • Math_Activity_Mystery_Numbers_07Mystery Number 7
  • Math_Activity_Mystery_Numbers_08Mystery Number 8
  • Math_Activity_Mystery_Numbers_09Mystery Number 9
  • Math_Activity_Mystery_Numbers_10Mystery Number 10