Check these Pattern Worksheets For Preschool and Pattern Worksheets For Kindergarten to help develop higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) in children. Various types of color patterns, repeating patterns (AB, ABC, AAB patterns) and growing/decreasing patterns has been used to stimulate logical thinking for preschool as well as kindergarten.

Color Patterns Growing And Decreasing Patterns

Color Patterns Worksheets - Repeating Patterns (AB, ABC, AABB, AAB) - Pattern Worksheets For Preschool

Fill appropriate colors in the blank objects to complete the repeating patterns like AB, ABC, AABB, AAB etc. Repeating color patterns are apt for patterns for preschool/kindergarten age group.

  • Color_Pattern_Worksheet_001_AABB_and_AAB_Pattern_Repeating_PatternsAABB/AAB Pattern
  • Color_Pattern_Worksheet_001_ABC_Pattern_Repeating_PatternsABC Pattern
  • Color_Pattern_Worksheet_001_AB_Pattern_Repeating_PatternsAB Pattern
  • Color_Pattern_Worksheet_01_Repeating_PatternsAB/ABC/AABB/AAB
  • Color_Pattern_Worksheet_02_Repeating_PatternsAB/ABC/AABB/AAB
  • Color_Pattern_Worksheet_03_Repeating_Patterns_AB_ABC_AABB_ABBAB/ABC/AABB/ABB
  • Color_Pattern_Worksheet_04_Create_Your_Own_PatternsCreate Patterns
  • Color_Pattern_Worksheet_05_Repeating_AB_PatternsAB Patterns
  • Color_Pattern_Worksheet_06_Repeating_ABC_PatternsABC Patterns
  • Color_Pattern_Worksheet_07_Repeating_AAB_ABB_PatternsAAB/ABB Patterns

Growing And Decreasing Patterns - Pattern Worksheets For Kindergarten

Observe the growing or decreasing patterns and draw the picture that comes next in each pattern. These patterns For kindergarten are age appropriate to simulate the higher order thinking skills for your child.

  • Decreasing_Patterns_Worksheet_04Decreasing Patterns
  • Growing_And_Decreasing_Patterns_Worksheet_06Growing/Decreasing Patterns
  • Growing_Patterns_Worksheet_05_Create_Your_OwnCreate Patterns
  • Growing_Picture_Patterns_Worksheet_01Growing Patterns
  • Growing_Picture_Patterns_Worksheet_02Growing Patterns
  • Growing_Picture_Patterns_Worksheet_03Growing Patterns