Check our collection of activities to teach letter K to your preschooler/kindergartener. Our letter worksheets focus on improving letter recognition, letter formation, letter sounds, fine motor skills and prewriting skills.

Cut And Paste Activity - Letter K Worksheets

Cutting and pasting activities are a fun way to improve fine motor skills as well as these activities are designed to teach association with the things that start with the letter and letter sounds. For younger children, cutting can be skipped; involve them in pasting.

  • Capital_Letter_K_Worksheet_K_For_King_Craft_Cut_And_Paste_Activity_Printable_For_PreschoolK for King - Capital K
  • Letter_K_Worksheet_Cut_And_Paste_Match_Half_Things_Starting_With_K_Activity_Printable_For_Preschool_Kite_Kangaroo_Key_King_KettleThings That Start With K
  • Letter_K_Worksheet_K_For_Kettle_Cut_And_Paste_Activity_Printable_For_PreschoolK for Kettle
  • Letter_K_Worksheet_K_For_Kite_Cut_And_Paste_Activity_Printable_For_PreschoolK for Kite
  • Small_Letter_k_Worksheet_k_For_kiwifruit_Craft_Cut_And_Paste_Activity_Printable_For_Preschoolk for kiwifruit - Small k

Pom Pom Tracing Activity - Letter K Worksheets

A fun way to teach letter recognition and formation along with building up the fine motor skills.

You will need:
  • colorful buttons, pom-poms (small sized) or flat-bottom pebbles
  • a printout of below printables (preferrably laminated for reuse)
  • optional: small tongs


Put pom-poms, buttons or pebbles on the circles in the worksheet to form the letter. You can use some specific color pom-poms to combine color identification in the activity. Ask child to use tongs to pick and place the pom-poms to improve fine-motor skills.

  • Letter_K_Worksheet_Activity_Printable_For_Preschool_Pom_Pom_Tracing_Capital_K_UppercaseUppercase K
  • Letter_k_Worksheet_Activity_Printable_For_Preschool_Pom_Pom_Tracing_Small_k_LowercaseLowercase k

Mystery Letters Activity- Letter K Worksheets

This activity improves letter recognition and fine-motor skills.

You will need:
  • crayons
  • a printout of below printables

Get the little spy work on finding the mystery letter hidden in the grid. Shade all the boxes containing the mentioned letter and discover the mystery letter.

  • Letter_K_Worksheet_Printable_Activity_For_Preschool_Mystery_Letters_Letter_Recognition_Capital_And_Small_KCapital K
  • Letter_K_Worksheet_Printable_Activity_For_Preschool_Mystery_Letters_Letter_Recognition_Capital_KCapital K
  • Letter_k_Worksheet_Printable_Activity_For_Preschool_Mystery_Letters_Letter_Recognition_Small_kSmall k


Picture Matching Activity - Letter K Worksheets

Worksheets to match the pictures which are same or similar.

  • Letter_K_Worksheet_Picture_Matching_Activity_Printable_For_Preschool_Things_Starting_With_KThings Starting With K - Letter K Worksheet & Printable Activity

Prewriting Skills - Letter K Worksheets

  • Letter_K_Worksheet_Prewriting_Skills_Activity_Line_Curve_Tracing_Printable_For_Preschool_K_For_KangarooLine/Curve Tracing

Miscellaneous (Coloring/Stamping/Painting) Activities - Letter K Worksheets

Get ready with the paints, crayons and stamps to have some hands-on activities for letter K.

  • Letter_K_Worksheet_Activity_Printable_For_Preschool_Letter_Hunt_Alphabet_Recognition_K_For_KoalaLetter Hunt (K For Koala)
  • Letter_K_Worksheet_Activity_Printable_For_Preschool_Small_And_Capital_K_Letter_Recognition_K_For_KiteCapital vs Small K
  • Letter_K_Worksheet_Crayon_Rubbing_Activity_Printable_For_Preschool_K_For_KeyK for Key


Playdough Letter Tracing Activity - Letter K Worksheets

Clicking the below images will take you to Rainbow Writing Printables page (where you can download/print them). These Rainbow Writing worksheets double as Playdough Letter Tracing Activity Printables. Roll playdough and fill in the letter outlines to form the letter. This helps in letter recognition and formation.

  • Playdough Letter Tracing - Rainbow Writing - Capital K WorksheetCapital K
  • Playdough Letter Tracing - Rainbow Writing - Small k WorksheetSmall k
  • Playdough Letter Tracing - Rainbow Writing - Capital/Small K WorksheetCapital & Small K