Check out these "Odd One Out" worksheets which are specifically designed so that children learn logical reasoning and the concept of categorization. Children are presented a number of objects out of which they have to identify the odd one.

Tips for Parents/Teachers: Use the activity sheets to develop logical reasoning by initiating a discussion on how one of them is different.

  • Odd_one_out_01
  • Odd_one_out_02
  • Odd_one_out_03
  • Odd_one_out_04
  • Odd_one_out_05
  • Odd_one_out_06
  • Odd_one_out_07_arrows
  • Odd_one_out_08_shapes
  • Odd_one_out_09_shapes
  • Odd_one_out_1
  • Odd_one_out_10
  • Odd_one_out_2
  • Odd_one_out_3
  • Odd_one_out_4