Looking for Number Flashcards for your child? Flashcards are a simple, versatile, yet often under-utilized learning resource. Use our Number Flashcards Printable worksheets to make your own sets of free Number Flashcards 1-10 and Number Flashcards 1-20.

How to Make Number Flashcards?

Take a print out (preferably on card stock) and cut along the dotted lines. You can then laminate the individual number flashcards and they will even last longer.

Number Flashcards 1-10 Number Flashcards 1-20

Number Flashcards 1-10

These number flashcards are ideal for teaching counting and numbers, 1-10 to your child. Each flashcard shows a number, number name and corresponding objects for counting.

  • Number Flashcards (1-4)Number Flashcards (1-4)
  • Number Flashcards (5-8)Number Flashcards (5-8)
  • Number Flashcards (9-10)Number Flashcards (9-10)


Number Flashcards 1-20

These number flashcards have big bold animal theme numbers (1-20) on each flashcard for easy number recognition.

  • Number Flashcards 1-4Number Flashcards 1-4
  • Number Flashcards 5-8Number Flashcards 5-8
  • Number Flashcards 9-12Number Flashcards 9-12
  • Number Flashcards 13-16Number Flashcards 13-16
  • Number Flashcards 17-20Number Flashcards 17-20


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Bula this number cards would really help my children with their numbers
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Simply Thank you
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would love this
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please send me lash cards till number fifty and curve pattern and hook pattern , all the flash cards are wonderful
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Hello Guys! first of all thanks to everyone who take efforts for making this website it is sosimple to parents to take additional homeworks and study at home. i hope you do more and more creative things for kids.
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