Understand and explore our 5 senses using these thoughtful five senses worksheets. Our Five Senses help us experience the world around us. Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue and Skin are our five sense organs which help us explore the world using sense of sight, hear, smell, taste and touch.

The 5 Senses Worksheets

God has blessed us with five sense organs - Eyes to See, Ears to Hear, Nose to Smell, Tongue to Taste and Skin to Touch. We use these senses to experience and explore the beautiful world around us.

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The Sense Of Taste Worksheets

Taste is one of our five senses. It helps us experience various flavors and enjoy different foods. We taste using our tongue.
Some foods taste sweet like sugar, honey or dates. Sugar is used to make many sweet delicacies like cakes, pies, cookies, doughnuts, candies etc. Some foods taste sour like lemons, oranges, gooseberries and tamarind. Citrus fruits are sometimes used to make tasty fruit drinks like lemonades, orange juices etc. Some foods taste salty. Many of your favorite snacks like French fries, potato chips, popcorns etc. have salt added to them to enhance their flavor. Some foods taste bitter like bitter gourd. Lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, coffee beans also have mild bitterness in them. These foods are often combined with sugar, salt or sour foods to enhance their flavors. Some foods taste umami like mushrooms, tomatoes, fish, soy sauce etc. It is sometimes hard to explain umami to children without tasting it because it is naturally combined with other tastes in various food items.

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The Sense Of Sight Worksheets

Eyes help us see the things around us. Eyes help us know the size of different objects. We know if an object is big or small just by looking at it. Eyes help us identify shapes of different objects. Just a glance, and we know if it is a circle or rectangle or square. Eyes also help us see different colors around us. World would have been a boring place without all these colors. Do you know we need light in order to see things.
Do you know? Sun provides us light during the day; whereas we use artificial light sources during night.

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The Sense Of Smell Worksheets

We use our nose to smell things. Even before the food is on table, its smell makes our mouth water. Our sense of smell helps in getting the complete taste of what we eat. That is the reason when our nose is blocked, the food appears tasteless. Some smells are pleasant like a rose, perfume, citrus fruits, or freshly baked bread. Some smells however may repel us and are very unpleasant like garlic, garbage or sweat.
Do you know? African elephants have the strongest sense of smell in the animal kingdom.

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The Sense Of Hearing Worksheets

Sounds are all around us. Each day we hear so many sounds using our ears. We can even recognize a known person by hearing his/her voice alone.

Sounds can be loud like drum, car horn, ambulance, airplane taking off, party music etc. Sounds can be soft like ticking of clock, heartbeat, blowing wind, buzzing of bees, raindrops etc. We should avoid long and repeated exposure to loud noises because it can cause hearing loss.

Some sounds are pleasant like musical instruments, chirping of birds or wind chimes. However, some sounds are unpleasant and can disturb or irritate like traffic, home appliances, baby crying etc.

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The Sense Of Touch Worksheets

Touch allows us to feel the things by direct contact with our body. We touch using our Skin, which is the largest sense organ and covers our entire body. Touch allows us to tell if something is Soft or Hard, Hot or Cold, Dry or Wet, Rough or Smooth, Sticky, Slippery or Prickly.

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