Check out these Things That Go Together Worksheets to enhance your child's logical reasoning skills. Children are presented a number of objects. They have to figure out the objects which are related to each other and match the things that go together.

Tips for Parents/Teachers: Use the activity sheets to develop logical reasoning by initiating a discussion on the characteristic properties of various objects presented so that children can learn to match the things that go together.

  • Match_the_things_that_get_along_08
  • Match_the_things_that_get_along_09
  • Match_the_things_that_get_along_1
  • Match_the_things_that_get_along_10
  • Match_the_things_that_get_along_11
  • Match_the_things_that_get_along_12
  • Match_the_things_that_get_along_13
  • Match_the_things_that_get_along_14
  • Match_the_things_that_get_along_15
  • Match_the_things_that_get_along_16
  • Match_the_things_that_get_along_17
  • Match_the_things_that_get_along_2
  • Match_the_things_that_get_along_3
  • Match_the_things_that_get_along_4
  • Match_the_things_that_get_along_5
  • Match_the_things_that_get_along_6
  • Match_the_things_that_get_along_7