These fruits and vegetables coloring pages are designed to make your child have some fun while learning about fruits, vegetables and food items.

Fruit Coloring Pages
Vegetable Coloring Pages
Food Coloring Pages

Fruit Coloring Pages


  • Coloring_Sheet_AppleApple Coloring Pages
  • Coloring_Sheet_BananaBanana Coloring Page
  • Coloring_Sheet_FruitsFruit Coloring Pages
  • Coloring_Sheet_GrapesGrapes Coloring Pages
  • Coloring_Sheet_OrangeOrange Coloring Page
  • Coloring_Sheet_PearPear Coloring Page
  • Coloring_Sheet_StrawberryStrawberry Coloring Page
  • Coloring_Sheet_WatermelonWatermelon Coloring Page

Vegetable Coloring Pages


  • Coloring_Sheet_Egg_Plant_BrinjalBrinjal Coloring Page
  • Coloring_Sheet_Potato_PeasPotato & Peas Coloring Page
  • Coloring_Sheet_PumpkinPumpkin Coloring Page
  • Coloring_Sheet_VegetablesVegetable Coloring Pages

Food Coloring Pages


  • Coloring_Sheet_Burger_DoughnutBurger And Doughnut
  • Coloring_Sheet_FoodFood Coloring Page
  • Coloring_Sheet_French_Fries_BurgerBurger And French Fries
  • Coloring_Sheet_Hotdog_BreadHotdog And Breads
  • Coloring_Sheet_Ice_CreamIce Cream Coloring Page
  • Coloring_Sheet_JellyJelly Coloring Page
  • Coloring_Sheet_Sandwich_PizzaSandwich And Pizza
  • Coloring_Sheet_Wedding_CakeWedding Cake Coloring Page