These fruits and vegetables coloring pages are designed to make your child have some fun while learning about fruits, vegetables and food items.

Fruit Coloring Pages
Vegetable Coloring Pages
Food Coloring Pages

Fruit Coloring Pages


  • Apple Coloring PagesApple Coloring Pages
  • Banana Coloring PageBanana Coloring Page
  • Fruit Coloring PagesFruit Coloring Pages
  • Grapes Coloring PagesGrapes Coloring Pages
  • Orange Coloring PageOrange Coloring Page
  • Pear Coloring PagePear Coloring Page
  • Strawberry Coloring PageStrawberry Coloring Page
  • Watermelon Coloring PageWatermelon Coloring Page

Vegetable Coloring Pages


  • Brinjal Coloring PageBrinjal Coloring Page
  • Potato & Peas Coloring PagePotato & Peas Coloring Page
  • Pumpkin Coloring PagePumpkin Coloring Page
  • Vegetable Coloring PagesVegetable Coloring Pages

Food Coloring Pages


  • Burger And DoughnutBurger And Doughnut
  • Food Coloring PageFood Coloring Page
  • Burger And French FriesBurger And French Fries
  • Hotdog And BreadsHotdog And Breads
  • Ice Cream Coloring PageIce Cream Coloring Page
  • Jelly Coloring PageJelly Coloring Page
  • Sandwich And PizzaSandwich And Pizza
  • Wedding Cake Coloring PageWedding Cake Coloring Page